Tuesday, December 11, 2012

OOTD: Tuesday. That's it.

This is just my weird interpretation of today


 Pictures from google

H&M sweater/ Dad's button up/ F21 pants

This has been like my uniform recently, especially this sweater. I honestly apologize to all my peers for wearing it so much! But yea, my "uniform", a plaid/flannel button up, a pair of dark pants, a cozy sweater, boots and some nice cozzzzyy socks. Man I've been lovin' thick socks so much! So why is this my uniform you may ask? Well because I wake up at 5:30 and at that time I am in no mood to be putting on heels and dresses. 

The theme, I guess, for this look is just some nice trees. I'm feeling lumber-jackish in this and so trees fit the theme. I went with film pictures because it a retro twist on plain green trees. 

Oh my god. This post oof_ I don't know I just liked this outfit ok. Please don't hold this look against me/use it as blackmail ok thanks.


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