Sunday, June 17, 2012

OOTD: She wants diamonds, she wants gold

Levi cutoffs, Calvin Klein sequined blazer, H&M white button up, vintage collar clips, vintage shoes

I wear these shorts literally everyday but, why not they go with everything. I paired it with a plain white button up but then added the blazer and jewelry to add a more formal kick to it considering I was going out to a family dinner. My hair was...lets just say gross, when I woke up so I just gelled it back into a super tight pony tail.


OOTD: Leather...and more leather

H&M dress (worn as a shirt), H&M leather shorts, Calvin Klein braided belt, vintage necklaces, DIY head chain and Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike

Ok so, I didn't wear this exact outfit to school, considering the stairs in school are too shallow for my Litas to handle. After I got home I exchanged my black gladiators for these and this perfect outfit was created. Black is my favorite color and mixing it like this, for me, is the best it can get. Not to mention my head chain that I painstakingly made , seriously, I have the cuts and blisters to prove it. Thinking of adding this into my Teen Vogue Fashion University application? Hmm....


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This is so exciting, my first post in my new blog. Now hopefully I can just remember to keep updating it! Well let me introduce my self, My name is Marisa. My Blog name is Style Meridian, meaning the style peak or style high point. My everyday life revolves around fashion whether its just picking out my own clothes or looking online for inspiration. Thanks for visiting my new blog!