Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Jumper-Goodwill/Shirt-F21/Hat-Micheal Kors/Necklace-Vintage/Navy knit tights

I love incorporating corduroy into my winter wardrobe, normally through pants. Although, when I spotted this little number at Goodwill I HAD to have it. At first it was a bit conservative but then I tried it on and felt the comfort of it and yea I bought it. For the shirt underneath I wanted to go with a neutral to highlight the jumper, I chose this white button up because its plain but the collar adds a little interest. 

Recently, I was browsing on and noticed a lot of styles like this, here is some links if you want to get a jumper of your own!



Thursday, January 17, 2013

OOTD: Holographic

  Photos c/o google and tumblr

holographic coated jeans-asos/sweater-H&M/collared shirt-H&M/silver necklace-F21

 Sorry for wearing this sweater again. But, away from completely over wearing this sweater I want to talk about these pants. I absolutely LOVE this pants and was so excited to wear them. You can't really tell from the photos but they are indeed very rainbow and holographic and what not. I tried to get them to show up in the photos the best I could but, I think it had something to do with the flash on the camera. But anyway, I'm crazy about these pants and have seen this holographic trend coming up everywhere recently!

These looks are from Bluemarine f/w 2012

These looks are from Hugo Boss s/s 2013

These two pieces are from Jonathan Saunders s/s 2013

How Can You Be A Part Of This Trend?

These designer pieces are so beautiful and unique and the ideal holographic pieces but they are also unrealistic to the average wardrobe. I found some pieces to make it easier to incorporate in everyday outfits!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OOTD: Baby Goth Girl

 mesh maxi dress-Nasty Gal/t-shirt-target/leggings/shoes-Jeffrey Campbell zomg/jewelry-F21

pictures c/o google and tumblr

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts but my camera has been really annoying lately, all of a sudden it doesn't recognize my SD card and I don't really know whats going on so yeah. Ok so once I finally got the energy to find the cord to physically connect my camera to the computer (how strenuous!!!) I could upload new outfits! YAY! 

Ok so, for x'mas I received this lovely mesh maxi dress from my lovely parents, at first I was upset because it was a bit dressy for school. I began trying it around with a variety of looks i.e. over jeans (that was not attractive) and other very bad combinations, until i finally decided to go back to my all black and just pair it with other black pieces. This plain t-shirt is from the glamorous Target and these leggings, complete with holes and all, are c/o my friend Sam. Also, as usual you cannot see my shoes but I'm wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Zomg shoes, which if you are not familiar with them, they re just like platform black tennis sneakers kind of. I just really love this outfit..

I feel like this title may be a problem for some people? I don't know. Ok so I called this OOTD "Baby Goth Girl", not because I am soo srslyyyy goth now, but because its the name of my favorite nail polish from MAC and this outfit reminded me of it. Mostly because of the lipstick probably, because it has the same dark purple quality, but I just think the name suits it.

Also, I went to when making this post,(amazing style inspo website, check it out if you haven't  and got a few designs that I love to show you! and I was going to just put the link but it wouldn't allow me so here:

                      Alexander Wang               Ann Demeulemeester                  Proenza Schouler

                         Mugler                                      Gareth Pugh                                  Fendi

This is just a select few of some of the styles in the trend series: Year of the Dragon, which can be found here 

Ok sorry for that massive post! I have a lot more posts coming up!