Friday, December 21, 2012

OOTD: School Spirit

photos from google/internet k-hole/tumblr

Varsity Jacket-F21/Sweater-Dad's Closet/Plain black slip dress/Knit Tights/Tennis shoes-Vans

This outfit was mostly inspired by school.  I've had this varsity jacket, kind of, cardigan? I really don’t know what to call it so let’s just say it’s a cardigan. SO anyway I have had this jacket for about a year now and I've never really worn it because I feel like it can come off as tacky so easily, and I really wanted to go for more of a classic high school, almost yearbook inspired look.  And I think it kind of worked.

The first piece I put on is this varsity jacket-esque cardigan; it’s really thin so it’s great for layering. Next, underneath I have this men’s sweater than I borrowed from my dad, I don’t know if you can tell but the sleeves are black and the front is a blue and black patterns, so I thought it was kind of like a baseball shirt? I don’t know that reminds me of school... Next I have a plain black dress underneath, that is sort of more used just for the skirt (I really need a plain black circle skirt). And it’s super cold so I did some thick, sweater material tights. Finally, I wanted to do a classic white sock and tennis shoe combo, so I wore just come white kind of long-ish socks and my old black vans... I seriously need new vans! Ok yea.

My inspiration for this outfit was like vintage school.  I love those older black and white photos that show the ‘Glory Days’ of high school. The old football jackets and cheerleading uniforms, there’s just something so classic about it that never gets old and yea I just have always loved that concept and thought it was really inspirational for this outfit. Also, I feel like all my outfits are vintage inspired… what can I say? I loooove vintage!

Also, sorry for being MIA, I've been sick and what not. I’m really going to try to get a lot of outfits up over winter break!

Also, sorry for the weird faces. I think I was just rather confused with my camera. 

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