Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OOTD: Crocodile and Cashmere

cashmere sweater/ oxblood pants h&m pants/vintage shoes/vintage and DIY jewelry
bear picture c/o tumblr

 Belstaff pre-fall 2013

The Row pre-fall 2012 

I Have mixed feelings about this outfit. On one hand, its so posh and clean sophisticated but, on the other hand I get a weird nature vibe going on for some reason. This being said I HAD to include at least one bear picture to set the mood. Maybe with that one single element people will get it? I don't know considering I barely get it. Besides that, it was a pretty average outfit.

My fashion inspiration for this outfit comes from Belstaff pre fall 2013 and The Row pre-fall 2012. Belstaff includes that oxblood color and mixes it with other tan-ish pieces, which was basically exactly what I was wearing. The Row's collection really embraces that rich red color in the same leather (in my case pleather) theme, too as well as lighter tones with the fur that was like a prop to the clothing I guess? 

On another, ANOTHER, hand I think my writing is getting better. More too the point. I would like to write a lot but it starts to sound like a textbook and all technical and yea so..



  1. I jsut loove the outfit ! :) x

  2. Love the camel colored sweater. Digging the rich burgundy color too.