Thursday, December 6, 2012

OOTD: Primary Instinct

vintage african t-shirt/ calypso skirt/ vintage backpack/ vintage jewelry


 African mask, beads and artwork from google

Today I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a class trip. I did wear a black shirt though because at 5:30 am this outfit combination was kind of intimidating, I think it still is a little bit. Anyway, so the whole vibe of going to an art museum triggered the art section of my brain and I instantly thought of pairing both of these pieces. They both give me a tribal-ish vibe and so I figured they would go together. It was pretty cold of corse being NYC in late fall so I had a jacket, knit tights and boots on, but I'm not wearing the jackets and you can't see the bottom part but I thought I would mention it to give a full outfit description.

The inspiration I found was mostly very colorful pieces. Although my outfit features mainly green based earth tones (I guess the yellow pops a bit but it's still in the realm) 

to me it appears very colorful, probably because of the multiple patterns or something asdfghjkl; i don't really know. OK. So I chose very vibrant, straight to the point primary colored ( a little nod to the title. anyone? anyone?! ) art which I think goes quite nicely with my outfit. Also I added a lot of masks 1, because I found them  very interesting and 2, I like how they appear to be wooden which ties in with the natural brown tones in my outfit. 

Wow I really like my writing today. I'm loving my blog more and more each post. 
Now it's 9:55, and I've been working at my art studio all evening trying to get this project done (you'll see it eventually). I should probably begin my homework right about now then... 



  1. I love this post.You are a great blogger,with huge potential. Do you have facebook fan page?
    If you have time,come to see my blog,I think you will like it,maybe we can follow each other? Let me know :)

  2. Thank you so much! And I don't have a Facebook fan page because I just started posting regularly a month or two ago.