Friday, November 2, 2012


Whenever I receive a new (new to me at least) vintage piece of jewelry I am always amused on how relevant it could be in fashion today. Some of the most current trends i.e. chokers, Gothic  etc. appear in 20+ year old jewelry almost as frequently as today. In the past few months my own collection of jewelry has transformed from plastic Forever21 jewelry to some great vintage pieces that encompass the same trend but with more of a worn, aged look that cannot just be bought in your local mall.

The pieces I have picked out are a silver choker, which I chose because I think it is relevant with the current choker trend, or even the collar trend because usually I wear it under collars. The next piece I chose is also a choker, a pearl choker with multiple strands. Next, I combined two costume-y rhinestone necklaces. I think because they are very much costume jewelry, over exaggerating that style with two necklaces really enhances their appearance giving the look more of a layer, statement look. The two necklaces I put together next I would normally not combine but they styles are so similar that I thought to kill two birds with one stone. The smaller gold one, I like to layer. The larger one I think adds a lot of interest to an outfit because of the size of the medelian. Lastly, I have two rosary beads. Both the rosary beads and the previous pair of necklaces have the same look are the gothic, almost religious trends that is sooo big right now!

Also, I feel like I need to be more interessting when I talk...well type I guess? I dont know! There is just so much information I need to convey and I start to feel like I'm writing an essay and I try to use proper vocab and it's just

Though my least favorite era when it comes to fashion, the 80's was all about bold, geometric's. You would rarely see delicate, dainty. When it comes to 80's jewelry, which is what I receive from my mom, it is usually large, statement costume jewelry. Much of it I tend to stay far far away from though this piece is one of my favorites for many reasons. 1, it incorporates the current sort of choker trend and looks great under collared shirts. 2, It is simple yet a statement piece that can be worn alone and does not need any other jewelry to enhance it. Lastly, 3 the look is just generally unique. With separate lines of silver that seem to be individual necklaces.

To be completely honest the next few pieces I feel I can't exactly identify the age of these pieces. They're all so classic and timeless that I just don't know. That being said I still added some pictures that I think go perfectly with these pieces.



The more religious jewelry, i guess you could call it, reminds me of an even earlier time. Also, as many of you probably know it is a big trend currently, so many people are wearing crosses and rosary beads and what not. These next pieces are perfect examples of how vintage jewelry translates into now.

I really appreciate all my new readers! I feel like recently I have been so inspired just to blog and share my personal style with the fashion community. From now on I am going to be updating my blog a lot more often so stay tuned! :)



  1. I love this!! i especially love the last piece of jewelry you featured, you hit the nail on the head by mentioning how huge rosary beads and crosses are right now!

  2. Thanks so much! I really wanted to show how modern vintage jewelry can be!